3 Relationship Destroying Words

April 20, 2018

3 Words That Will Destroy Your Relationship….

And What You Can Do About It

Hi guys! If you are ready to STOP destroying your relationship through what you say then this post is for you! Many – I mean many! – individuals are subconsciously destining their love life for FAILURE because of these few common mistake. Don’t let it be you!

Everyone loves to throw around that “communication is key” to a relationship like confetti. Yet, very few sit back to consider what it really means.

Let me be the one to tell you that it takes more than just “communicating” to make a relationship work. The way you put words together to form the sentences that forms the “communicating” actually really matters – a whole lot. You can word-proof your relationship TODAY by doing these easy fixes:

STOP saying “You never ____________”

How easy it is to say “You never do xyz like I told you” in a middle of a fight? Easy, right? So easy it is to bring up the past of what was “never done:” whether true or not. Its a really bad habit that everyone is guilty of doing. Yet, this is the sure way to break a relationship (if you’re looking for a way). Solution? Fight Discuss the topic at hand: the one happening now, not 10yrs from now or 10yrs to late from now.

STOP saying “You(‘re) always _____________”

If you’re looking for a fight, this is the sure way to start! Starting off with “You(‘re) always….” immediately puts one at the defensive. In addition, it says two things to them: 1) assuption and 2) expectation. Tell someone “You’re going to be late, like you always are” and guess what? They’re going to be late because that is what you expect of them.

Secondly, you are also assuming what the person is going to do instead of what they will do. One can be actively finding ways to not be late, yet saying “you’re always late” kills off any possibility of change. Solution? Ask questions. Never assume. Asky why they are late and explore ways around the “why.”

STOP saying ” You (insert explisive)”

Do not refer to your love one in the form of an explisive. Even seemingly “mild” terms such as “stupid,” “idiot,” “dummy,” etc. is a sure way to guarentee that you two will be fighting: constantly. It’s never ok to call people names and that goes for your marriage as well. Respect given is respect earned. Also, by not referring to them in the explisive will cause you to treat and view them differently.

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