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[servicebox size="" last="false" title=" Est. 2017" icon="https://couplesandlove.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/rose-shape.png"]I must admit and say that when I first met my husband 4 years ago it was so not memorable. He didn't steal my breath away and there were no fireworks, racing of my heart or fluttering butterflies in my stomach. In fact, our initial encounter was such a "plain Jane" moment that I moved on with my life well unto the next year before I "saw" him again and fell for him like leaves fall on a colorful autumn day. Let me tell you, meeting him again was like doing something tempting but forbidden. My heart started racing off my chest. My palms became unbareably sweaty.  Barely could I breathe and speaking? Good luck. His touch electrified every nerve of my being and his smile was enough to turn my knees into water. A whirlwind of romance ensues and culminated into the best thing that a girl could ask for: inheriting his last name.[/servicebox]

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Hi all: my name is Nathalie and I am

Lawrence’s better half :).

I was born and raised in a Christian household with two awesome parents and a lot of siblings. We had various pets ranging from turtles to birds, hamsters to dogs, and fishes to cats. It was never a dull place in my childhood home! Growing up, I have always been a bit headstrong, a lover of books, devoted and driven to obtain a doctorate degree. If you run into me today, you'll find next to me a strong man who supports my crazy dreams of going for that doctorate, travel the world and writing my heart out about all things love. Before me, you will find a loving God whose sole purpose is to shower you with His love. Behind me, you'll find my awesome family who equally supports my crazy endeavors while having one word to describe me: a hopeless romantic.[/servicebox]

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[servicebox size="" last="false" title=" Why Couples & Love" icon="https://couplesandlove.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/rose-shape.png"]Couples & Love was created with one mission: to keep you hoplessly in love - 365. We bring to you topics such as

"Are you still trying to fairy yourself into someone's heart?"


"Still kissing the same old frog hoping that it will eventually turn into a prince?"


"Still waiting for your 'Cinderella' moment? Well, don't.

Everyone is different and every relationship is unique. Thus, you will find no "cookie cutter" advice here! Instead, find practical guides to evaluating if he/she is "the one" and do you have what it takes to be in a relationship![/servicebox]

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Whether single, dating, engaged or married, men, or women, Couples & Love is just the place for you. Join us as we explore what it takes to fall in love -365.[/servicebox]

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