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My name is Nathalie and I am so excited to partner up with you to work towards your goal of falling in love - the right way!

Your mother has always taught you to never speak to strangers, so let me introduced myself!

I am a die hard romantic and a big sucker for love stories! I totally believe in "happily ever afters" Yes, you can find me crying over a really good - but really sad - love story (hello, "Tristan & Isolde" anyone??).

While I don't believe in "fairies," I do believe that there is a "fairy godmother" of sort in everyone's life who is truly rooting for your success: they might even plant a little set up  - or two! - to get you going! 😀

This is where we come in. Couples & Love is about empowering each and every single reader - no matter what stage of love you're in - to cultivate a love for God first, a love for themselves next, and lastly, a love for others. This is essentially what we are all about. We want you - dear reader to not only make your relationships succeed, but have fun while doing so!

We want to help you create an atmosphere of love around you that even an "evil stepmother" cannot break!

However, in order to do that: we have a question for you.


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Do you know how to love? Like, truly love? Have you ever experienced a love that keeps you coming back for more?

You know that love, right? Its the kind of love that keeps stealing your breathe away. A kind of love that keeps your heart pounding, palm sweaty, and your heart skipping a beat, or two, or three. You want those elusive "butterfly moments" that people have just told you is just....well, magical!

Or, are you just like everyone else just sitting around hoping that your Prince Charming will come to wake you from your pitiful “Sleeping Beauty” sleep of singlehood? Scratch that. I know. Are you finding yourself kissing the same ol’ frog just hoping it will turn into a Prince? Maybe you are still waiting for your “Cinderella" moment.

Well, don’t.

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I can show you how to not only attract the right kind of person into your life, but how to have fun while single, love hard while dating, and live out your happily ever after - today.

There is no waving of a magical wand here: just hoping to get your love life right - this time. And, you must know: there is no "fairy dust" to sprinkle out to make your love last. Genie in the bottle or wishing on a shooting star? Forget it.

You won't even find the typical relationship advice here at Couples & Love! 


We focus on providing versatile, evidence based research guides that challenge any type of relationship(s). We do  - from time to time - provide "normal" relationship advice, but our specialty is in helping people figure out what the barriers to love is, what it is that they can do to overcome these barriers, all while maintaining steady and goal oriented progression to living love out loud. And, guess what? You will get your hands dirty here as we work towards your love goal together. Simply because 

Our motto is this:

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” - Benjamin Franklin

Are you ready to find out how we can help you succeed?

Head on over and get your FREEBIE to get you started. Like, right now!


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